Sunday, January 22, 2012

belt drive/ oil filter

I put this belt drive setup on my chopper right before I took Steve to Florida. Nothing like putting a couple hundred miles on an untested primary drive 1100 miles from home. It's an inch and a half BDL with a Primo alt. cover, outer bearing support and  "equalizer" motor plate. I made an adapter, drilled and tapped the motor plate to fit a later Ironhead(smaller) spin on oil filter. Fit good and I think it look s pretty good too. BDL makes an inner primary oil filter kit which is similar, but costs $900. This Primo kit was $130 on sale and an afternoon of work....
I also "chome" powder coated a few of the parts. Took a scotch brite pad to them and they look like raw aluminum. Not too bad for what it costs..

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