Monday, March 12, 2012

My Old Ford Pick Up

I was digging though a box the other day and found these pictures from when I built a '51 Ford Truck in my drive way. It seems like a million years ago. But, it was fun and I enjoyed beating the fuck out of it!
Back when Steve called it the Red Dragon, till I blew the motor.

Finally, a good use for a bucket seat in a pick up!

My 1 car garage packed full of shit.

I stayed up for two days to working on it to make it to my Buddy Chris' Pig roast. 

I drove it there with no hood, no bed, open headers, and almost no brakes. Now I feel spoiled with a big ass shop, that all I do is hang out in, drink beer and talk smart.

A few years and a good beating later.

I sold my truck and then it showed up in a hair grease ad. 

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  1. The Wife Drives the shit out of it now. I am lucky if I get to smell its exhaust.