Wednesday, June 20, 2012

VT pt 4.End of the road

I'ma keep it simple.I had a fuckin blast.Big thanks to Chris Hartman for organizing the whole thing and Pete for being so generous and hospitable for letting us camp and party on his land and being an all around badass motherfucker.All the guy's from milwaukee were super cool and friendly and it's nice to meet new cats so close to home to ride and party with.Can't wait till next year.Happy trails amigo's


  1. At a random gas stop on the way home, a couple dudes rolled into the station all packed up, talkin about the fun they were gonna have the people they were gonna see..........I felt lonely and uncool. The VT made me realize again why I love ridin bikes....thanks to all you fuckers, that shit is EXACTLY what I needed!

  2. Fuch yeah bro!Ridin bikes and raising hell!Haha.Thats what we all need!