Monday, May 7, 2012

Metal Flake!

This is gonna be for our buddy Pete's sportster.I've finished this tank and the fender through candy colors and Buried it all in clear once.Now I'm just being lazy for the final sandings and reclearing and then a sand and polish.I'll post pic's of the finished  product pretty soon .


  1. Haha!I got way fuller coverage on these tins than I did on mine.I'm pretty stoked on it.

  2. Hey Darryl, it was good to meet you last Friday night. Tins look killer!

    I know that you got someone who stripes but if you ever need any pinstriping or airbrushing lemme know.

  3. Thanks dan!It was good meeting you too bro.Thanks for the e-mail too.I'm sure i'll need yer help sometime.