Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Tech tip?

Well, I got this idea from a mag-lite. My chopper likes to eat tail light bulbs. So, I wrapped an extra in some tool box liner and stashed it in the light housing.

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  1. Wire up an LED...then you don't have to carry a spare bulb at all.

  2. I know it might seem dumb to most.But I think the reason some of us are dedicated to outdated stuff like filament bulbs and point's and the like is a purity found in tradition.We need thing's to be as difficult and stubborn as we are,haha.Also,I just love the soft warm glow of a filament bulb burning white hot through blood red glass!Then again my taillights so small I can barely fit one bulb in there so I'm fucked anyway's.haha.Good idea cory.

  3. "a purity found in tradition"
    Well said.

    Nice tip on the spare bulb too. I know several people who had the mini-Mags and did not know about the spare...